Wednesday, October 27, 2010

electric hut with dead flowers

Originally uploaded by DaveBleasdale.
On Sunday, I walked to this substation from Lancaster (a distance of about 2.5 miles) to break in my new walking boots (and get this shot).

This very Wednesday morning I walked to work from home in the the city to 'work' in the University (about 3 miles) for the first time. Why this waliking madness? I intend to walk from Bailrigg to Bleasdale over part of Bowland Forest and I am 'in training' (another first). The Bailrigg to Bleasdale walk is about 10 miles long, about 2 milies of it over rough moorland. If don't train for this I will, most likely, have to be carried home because my ankles cease up on multi-mile walks over rough ground - very embarrassing.

Nice flowers.

The idea for the walk came from an expedition to the squares on the moor in the blog entry below. Over the other side of that hill pictured is the Bleasdale valley and village.