Thursday, July 08, 2010


Originally uploaded by DaveBleasdale.
Grisoft free anti-virus package AVG recently offered a free registry checker to download. In the spirit of let's find how bad this is - I downloaded it. I then allowed it to scan my system. It reported reported 200 or so errors and...

- asked me to pay for a download to clean the errors.
- it also offered to clean 18 of them for free.

In the spirit of adventure I let it clean 18 errors. I tried to get 18 more free cleans (you never know) but no go.

Well a few major things that occur to me:

1. I loaded AVG on the machine to STOP this sort of thing and so did millions of others.
2. Is it a sophisticated scam from someone else?
3. has the competition from Microsoft' free AV program caused Grisoft to go for a cash grab?