Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Working Week

I have reconstructed something I saw a long time ago. As you will see, Tuesday afternoon is the only time anything gets done. I'd like to see the original.

The Working Week:

Monday morning - a complete ‘write-off’, I’m still recovering from the weekend.

Monday afternoon - just about recovered, but it’s too late to start a project.

Tuesday morning - fully recovered now, I start planning to do some work on the project.

Tuesday afternoon - nothing can stop me now - I work on the project all afternoon.

Wednesday morning - exhausted from the previous day’s efforts, I can’t seem to apply myself.

Wednesday afternoon - no point in starting a project this late in the day, I award myself a long coffee break.

Thursday morning - start planning another project.

Thursday afternoon - I realise that the weekend is approaching at that I might not be able to finish the project, no work gets done.

Friday morning - ring round friends to see what they are doing on the weekend.

Friday afternoon - you have to be joking.

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