Sunday, February 06, 2005

Bad Photos

Originally uploaded by SideLong.
I have no idea how this photo came to be taken. It is possible that my camera banged into something or my my finger twitched and clicked. I like the photo and love the sticker. As we go digital these accidents will become rarer. Or rather 'different'. It has made me more aware of how each medium/media has its finger print - even the modern realistic mediums like film and video. And to think in Art College I was so dismissive of the techniques used by people in the past. Today is tomorrow's history.

Oval Grate

Oval Grate
Originally uploaded by SideLong.
This picture is the most popular on my website (not flickr). People say that they like it because it is a 'garden' (some have suggested that I 'tend it' but this is not the case at all). However I took the image for several reasons: its flat, a damaged piece of Victorian technology and because it had things growing in it.

Skittered Can

Skittered Can
Originally uploaded by SideLong.
This is the first can that I scanned. Subsequently I recovered and scanned several more soft drink cans. I saw this can being 'skittered' across the road by various cars that passed in front of my eyes on a junction near my house. When it eventually stopped, I picked it up and took it home. I digitised it using a scanner. The scanner I used was a standard depth scanner, my current scanneris thin and does not have the depth of field to scan flatened cans.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Working Week

I have reconstructed something I saw a long time ago. As you will see, Tuesday afternoon is the only time anything gets done. I'd like to see the original.

The Working Week:

Monday morning - a complete ‘write-off’, I’m still recovering from the weekend.

Monday afternoon - just about recovered, but it’s too late to start a project.

Tuesday morning - fully recovered now, I start planning to do some work on the project.

Tuesday afternoon - nothing can stop me now - I work on the project all afternoon.

Wednesday morning - exhausted from the previous day’s efforts, I can’t seem to apply myself.

Wednesday afternoon - no point in starting a project this late in the day, I award myself a long coffee break.

Thursday morning - start planning another project.

Thursday afternoon - I realise that the weekend is approaching at that I might not be able to finish the project, no work gets done.

Friday morning - ring round friends to see what they are doing on the weekend.

Friday afternoon - you have to be joking.