Thursday, July 14, 2016

My Working Week #2

My Working Week #2
This is re-assessment of 'my working week' after reading JPOD by Douglas Copeland. Previously I had thought that all useful work was done on Tuesday afternoons. But now it dawns on me that:

Monday is duff because I have, over the weekend, started to get used to a life without deadlines and pointless meetings.

Tuesday is duff because I depressed by the knowledge that the week has four days of deadlines and pointless meetings left.

Wednesday is duff because I realise, at midday, that half the week is over, and I haven't done any of the work that would make the rest of the deadline infested week bearable.

Thursday is OK because I did just enough work on Wednesday afternoon to keep the deadline wolves at bay. And more importantly, the weekend is in sight.

Friday is duff because I am just waiting for the end of the day, which is embarrassing.

Saturday is duff because I have to do all the home based tasks that I haven't had time to do in the week.

Sunday is duff because I find, in all the duffness of the week, that I have failed to plan anything to do, and the day just drifts by. And so it turns out that all useful work is done on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday is only OK day, and not Friday as is commonly thought.

My Working Week #1
Below is a reprint of my first analysis of My Working Week. 

Monday morning - a complete ‘write-off’, I’m still recovering from the weekend.
Monday afternoon - just about recovered, but it’s too late to start a project.

Tuesday morning - fully recovered now, I start planning to do some work on the project.
Tuesday afternoon - nothing can stop me now - I work on the project all afternoon.

Wednesday morning - exhausted from the previous day’s efforts, I can’t seem to apply myself. Wednesday afternoon - no point in starting a project this late in the day, I award myself a long coffee break.

Thursday morning - start planning another project.
Thursday afternoon - I realise that the weekend is approaching at that I might not be able to finish the project, no work gets done.

Friday morning - ring round friends to see what they are doing on the weekend.
Friday afternoon - you have to be joking. And so we see that all useful work is done on Tuesday afternoons.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Here Comes The Sun King

Here Comes The Sun King
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The side of a skip, stressed by an impact and rusted, but you don't want to know that - it is the head dress of a mythical priest in a far off mountainous kingdom.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

electric hut with dead flowers

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On Sunday, I walked to this substation from Lancaster (a distance of about 2.5 miles) to break in my new walking boots (and get this shot).

This very Wednesday morning I walked to work from home in the the city to 'work' in the University (about 3 miles) for the first time. Why this waliking madness? I intend to walk from Bailrigg to Bleasdale over part of Bowland Forest and I am 'in training' (another first). The Bailrigg to Bleasdale walk is about 10 miles long, about 2 milies of it over rough moorland. If don't train for this I will, most likely, have to be carried home because my ankles cease up on multi-mile walks over rough ground - very embarrassing.

Nice flowers.

The idea for the walk came from an expedition to the squares on the moor in the blog entry below. Over the other side of that hill pictured is the Bleasdale valley and village.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


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There is a pattern of squares on this Bowland fellside. It is caused by burning the heather in a pattern of alternate years. Burning heather keeps the moor healthy and as I noticed a grouse shooting hide it is probably good for the grouse (except they get shot in the end).,

Thursday, July 08, 2010


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Grisoft free anti-virus package AVG recently offered a free registry checker to download. In the spirit of let's find how bad this is - I downloaded it. I then allowed it to scan my system. It reported reported 200 or so errors and...

- asked me to pay for a download to clean the errors.
- it also offered to clean 18 of them for free.

In the spirit of adventure I let it clean 18 errors. I tried to get 18 more free cleans (you never know) but no go.

Well a few major things that occur to me:

1. I loaded AVG on the machine to STOP this sort of thing and so did millions of others.
2. Is it a sophisticated scam from someone else?
3. has the competition from Microsoft' free AV program caused Grisoft to go for a cash grab?

Saturday, June 19, 2010


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Why flattened cans. Flattened cans comment on our consumer society, our indisciplined throwaway society, the power of logos, the strength of aluminium and the weakness of steel. And flattened cans have unintentional almost 'organic' shapes, plus a range of rough textures overlaying the original bright colours. The best flattened cans are created by cars running over them repeatedly in the street. In short then are spontaneous art objects of the consumer age.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


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This bloom is past its best and not shot in the best light, but I like it.